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Our landlords relax and get on with living.  They know that their property is being well managed and that their agent is acting in their very best interest at all times.


Some of the things that make our property management service stand out:

  • Excellent communication with owners and tenants.
  • Careful selection of tenants.
  • Option for rent to be paid to owners twice monthly.
  • Regular periodic inspections done on each property.
  • Thorough in-going inspections - fully documented including 100's of photos covering every aspect of the property. 
  • Bill Monitoring - We know when your outgoing expenses are due so they are paid in a timely manner, virtually eliminating payment errors.  This also means we very rarely need to ask an owner to make a contribution to their account.


No matter where your property is in Sydney - we can manage it for you

Our office is based in Elderslie, near Camden, however we manage properties right across the Greater Sydney area.


Other factors for successful leasing


Explore our property management service

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